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MARVEL x AURORA ITALIA Avengers Iconic Black Widow Hourglass Charm

This charm featuring Black Widow's iconic red hourglass which in nature could send even the bravest of people scampering away with fear. Deadly is the Black Widow's Bite!..

MARVEL x AURORA ITALIA Avengers Incredible Hulk Smash Charm

Hulk Smash!, this charm featuring Hulk fist which strikes fear to his foe with his incredible strength!..

MARVEL x AURORA ITALIA Avengers Thor's Hammer Mjolnir Charm

Thor's Hammer Charm for Courage and Strength Power Amulet Talisman. This charm is shockingly geek chic! Featuring Thor's hammer Mjolnir, whoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy..

Auroses Quatuor Butterflies Bracelet

These graceful butterfly bracelets will be perfect gifts for your wedding, anniversaries, and birthdays. It looks so attractive and charming! Great minimal bracelets for layering o..
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