by Cheryl Lim

Love is in the air ~ February is a month with full of love because of Valentine's day and Chinese New Year. Love can be in many forms, besides lover's love, there is also family's love, and friend's love. I believe that a lot of you might be having a hard time choosing the best gift for your loved one in this festive season. There are too many choices but they might not be the best fit. Here, I am going to tell you what you can get for EVERYONE.

YUP! Even your boyfriend and dad. Aurora Italia has come out with a wide selection of design to suit every need for any occasion. Fusing refined workmanship and sophisticated designs, their jewellery gives an impression of elegance, comfort and dazzling style. Even man nowadays wear accessories/bracelet to make themselves look better for their other half.

A little more about Aurora Italia. Aurora Italia is an Itali premium jewellery brand that specialises in hand finished jewellery made of high purity gold. It is able to let their customers be their creative self. Customers are encouraged to create their own love story, by customising their own bracelet with the wide range of charms. By putting together a perfect charm set, it is able to bring out the uniqueness of the person. It is also able to show how much you know her/him.

Aurora Italia has come out with hundreds of charms and pendants to suit everyone preference, and also to create a better story. For this, it is in the theme of love, where the designs are mainly heart shape. They have charms that are on the theme of the element, enchanted, fairy tale, Disney, floral, luck, magical, travel, alphabet, numbers, mini creatures and MORE!

If you are not a fan of 18k Gold Jewellery, don't worry! Aurora Italia has introduced a brand new face for those who love 18k White Gold Jewellery. They are also designs which are suitable for your lover and family and I believe that you can never find such beautiful designs out where besides Aurora Italia.

The best is yet to come! Recently, Aurora Italia has even introduced this shade of 18K Rose Gold, which I am madly in love with! It gives a vibe of luxurious elegance and dramatic glamour and I believe no one can really resist this

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