Aurora Italia 18K Gold Jewellery is suitable for everyone.

by Mama Ee

Every woman has a gold jewellery of her own. In the Chinese culture, gold plays a very important role and is a symbol of blessing. When I was married, my mom also sent me a gold jewellery. Mom wants me to live happily and wealthily. This is the blessing that mothers can offer to their daughters. A gold decoration represents blessings in the mother's heart.

Now, women can also create their own stories on their gold ornaments. This is so special! Mother whose daughter is getting married can choose or create gold ornaments for her daughter. This blessing to her daughter becomes very interesting. Of course, daughter can also create an exclusive gold ornament for mother. This is very significant!

How about this as a dowry for your daughter? Of course you can also choose charms to help your daughter to make a story.

Everyone knows that my skin has never been fair! When my skin exposes to the sun, it becomes darker! I told Aurora’s sales consultant about this and she suggested that I choose a variety of colors to match the charm and the effect is really nice!

Yes, it’s Aurora Italia. It’s originated from the Italian charm and also a premium jewellery brand specializing in handmade high-purity gold jewelry. All Aurora Italia gold jewelry is made of 18K gold.

Those who do not want to be too shiny or too dazzling in the crowd can choose to wear leather bracelet. It can also be worn with your favorite gold charm. Aurora Italia has up to 15 themed gold charms for us to choose from.

I like Aurora Italia’s thoughtful design for us to fit different wrist size. The smallest size is S. This can also be given to a newly born baby as a full moon gift. The price is inexpensive, only RM228.

This is the leather bracelet my kid was wearing. The simple design is also suitable for children. Aurora Sales Consultant told me that this is real leather!

Christmas is coming! Fret not! Guys, choose gold jewellery for your mother, woman and baby. 18K gold can preserve value and also can make women happy.

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Wish everyone a warm Christmas!

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