【Stylish Jewellery】 Trial Day to experience AURORA ITALIA

by SweetieCyndy 欣钟小雨

I once shared an article AURORA Italia, I believe that everyone probably knows what products Aurora Italia sell?(Don't tell me you don’t recall, quickly click hereto read)

On this day, I had the honour to receive an invitation from Aurora Italia at Queenbay Mall, Penang's branch to experience the surprises that Aurora brings to us. Just verify that whether it is really like what they shown in the picture. Is it fascinating? It is better to hear it in person than to hear it. I hope that you also have the opportunity to come and experience the quality of the product yourself. This is really not something you can interpret through a few photos. I mentioned earlier that the concept of AURORA is to conceive a story that belongs to you. Taking advantage of this one-day trial experience, I am here to tell you my story.

A little closer look to their store, you can see the following picture through the window. LED demonstrates all kinds of charms in a very appealing way. It's hard to resist this spectacular view.

Should I choose leather bracelet or a gold bracelet/bangle?

Since this is a free trial day experience, so the first step is of course to choose the style of the bracelet first. Although I have difficulty in selecting something, I can give you a very good advice at this moment because I already think of a good solution for you in advance.

Which type of people are suitable to wear leather bracelet?

For those with tight budget, first-timers or friends who prefer a low profile jewellery, a leather bracelet is very suitable. Why? This is a good question! Because leather bracelet is not gold, we do not need to worry about "Is it too expensive?" “I couldn't afford.” or “Nope. I will get robbed if I wear something like this”. Those who has impulse to buy do not need to spend a lot of money straight away to buy a 18k gold bracelet, you can first choose to buy leather bracelet and then choose some valuable and appropriate 18k Charms to mix and match! Of course, this is not an ordinary leather bracelet, there is a certain quality in them. Aurora's leather bracelets are available in 2 colours, black and pink colours.

Who are suitable to wear 18k gold bangle?

18k gold bangle, also known as 750, is theoretically a jewellery made of 75% gold and 25% other metal alloys. Because it contains gold so it is very valuable. For those friends who do not have financial difficulties are very suitable to invest your money in gold ornaments. We all know that gold has a gold market, so it is very valuable. Many people will even buy gold ornaments to invest. If you do not want to wear this 18k gold bangle again, you can return to AURORA and ask for 50% cash back or can find other gold shop to trade in.

Looking at this gold bracelet with a variety of charms is even more intriguing to know the beautiful legend behind Aurora! Dazzlingly beautiful!

Basic Alphabets: Compose a Love Language

A-Z alphabets charms,It is usually used to record a meaningful and commemorative story. It is created by the following gold bracelet, which reminds me of this saying.“I LOVE YOU give to my beloved you”,All the men here faster confess to your other half?

Apart from A-Z alphabets,there are a lot of people give 0-9 number charms to give to yourself and other half as a gift to commmemorate your birth date or anniversary day. Every present has its meaning.

In fact, I think that this gold bracelet is a good thing for people to send to other people as a dowry. At least it is really worth it (Oh, don't ask me to give). Actually, I know there are many men and women or ladies couldn't resist gold ornaments. For example, when I went to visit Aurora's physical store, most of the people who came to watch jewellery were very stylish ladies.


“I LOVE YOU,give to my beloved you!”

Hot Sale: Angel Wings

The first time I saw AURORA on poster was this charm “Angel Wing”. According to Aurora's Sales Consultant, this charm is the current hot sale item! Does wing have any special meaning for you?

Now it's my turn! Let me tell you about my story

I've seen so many styles along the way. Now it's time for me to choose my own style! After all, it's a trial experience. Let me show off my style.

My initial inspiration was probably this fairy. The fairy lives in the forest like a fairy living in a mystery. Coincidentally pink, I guess this should be a beautiful fairy, not a demonic ghost. I have chosen this pink fairy for the beginning of my story.

This Snow White skirt was also my favourite. With the first sight, I immediately specified that I would try this one, because I also said I am very girlish,So seeing this skirt and high heels is really hard to resist. It's also like the elf is in the fairy tale series.

I found that everything I have chosen is all under fairy tales collection.

Freedom - Royal Carriage - Snow White - Pink Fairy, a fairy tale collection that proves that I have a little girl in heart.

The series I ended up with was arranged in sequence.

1. Freedom - RM388

2. Royal Carriage - RM508

3. Snow White - RM598

4. Love Anniversary - RM488

5. Pink Fairy -RM278

Sweetiecyndy's Chit Chat:

This is just my second time to appear in public as a blogger. I gradually felt lesser tense. I believe that I will become more self-confident and wear a simple set of clothes with a fine jewelry. It's pretty pleasing to the eye.

Regardless of whether you like it or not, I’m serious about being myself. Here's my favourite life mottos recently which will always make me feel relaxed.

“Wear your favorite clothes, get along with those whom you are comfortable with, and imagine living in a hundred kinds of life”

Aurora Italia

1. Queensbay Mall, Penang (Ground Floor, K6 in front TGI Friday)

2. Gurney Plaza, Penang (in front Parkson)

3. Mid Valley, KL (Ground Floor, in front Zara)


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