With the collaboration between Aurora Italia and renowned international brands such as Disney©, Marvel©, Warner Bros. ©, Juventus©, Garfield, our jewellery and gold bar are the first and the only in the world that bring beauty and value as one. Our jewellery is elegantly embellished with genuine Preciosa’s Cubic Zirconia, with laser marking on every zirconia stone. The quality is exceptionally pristine and refined. Our 999.9 gold bar, which comes with limited edition designs, is the all-time collectables gold bar.

Cubic zirconia, also known as CZ or Zirconia, was created as a more affordable alternative to genuine diamonds. Cubic zirconia is the best synthetic stone of all diamond substitutes. It is an ideal raw material for jewellery production thanks to its hardness, coming close to the hardness of ruby or sapphire and optical properties close to diamond.