18K Gold Glittering Aurora Italia Bracelet Customization

by Kim Beloved Diary

Did you know that apart from loving new things, I am also a jewelry freak! My home is like a small mountain-sized box that carries my own collection of Korean jewelry or sponsored jewelry xD. Among them, the most expensive hand-made bracelet is the custom-made CHARM BRACELET that has become popular in Malaysia in recent years. We know that gold can preserve the value all along =p. Therefore, if you want to choose a jewelry that can preserve the value, the natural choice for all lady is definitely gold! ;)

However, the stereotype that I have with gold jewelry is that the style is lacking in the new style and it is always the conventional ones. Therefore, I usually choose jewelry with either exquisite and unique style or has value preservation.

Until the day I stumbled upon Aurora Italia on Facebook. It just happened to solve the problem that I have to compromise with either exquisite and unique style or has value preservation =p

According to the introduction on AURORA ITALIA’s official website:

Aurora Italia whose designs conceptualized from Italy is a noble and high-quality jewellery brand that specializes in producing high-purity gold handmade finished jewelry. AURORA ITALIA's dazzling array of jewelry and accessories are exclusively designed to highlight the elegance of every woman. AURORA ITALIA's 18K gold charm is tailor-made to meet the needs of any occasion. AURORA ITALIA jewellery combines exquisite craftsmanship and exquisite design, reflecting the elegance, comfort and dazzling style. Other than present your own creativity, AURORA ITALIA also offers customized services to help you create the perfect charm to match with your unique personality. Aurora Italia is dedicated to create every moment that is special and memorable. Wait no more, choose your life charm today!

Friends who have in-depth understanding of the customized bracelet will not only develop a special liking for its fashionable and exquisite design but also with each CHARMS represents a private precious memories. For example, I have heard that my friend had received a baby carriage charm (symbolizes the birth of cute baby) from her relatives and friends after giving birth to her child =D So whenever there is an important special event in your life, adding specific CHARMS is very meaningful and makes it more valuable for your memories. AURORA ITALIA jewellery made of 18k gold will make your old precious memories more collectible.

I have checked out the lowest prices for Charms and leather bracelets from AURORA ITALIA, they are starting from RM200++. (RM 200++ is still an affordable price)

AURORA ITALIA also provides TRADE IN services to customers. Your old AURORA ITALIA Charm can be used for trade in (50% of its latest selling price). Customer can also buy a brand new charm simply TOP UP with the amount you got from trade in.=)

The trade in amount for AURORA Bracelet and bangle is around 60-70% of the latest selling price.

If you want to get cash directly, you will just need to go to AURORA's partner POS office Ar Rahnu (pawn shop)(in any 18 branches in Malaysia).

The customized gold bracelet I think is more superior compares to the sterling silver material.

In Conjunction with Valentine's Day, AURORA ITALIA has also launched a variety of eye-catching CHARMS, give this series of bangle and charms as a present will certainly win the heart of beauty. Y(^^)Y I personally like Enchanted Memories Bangle and and Glitter Sweety charm. Really beautiful ~~! ^^

Grab it fast if you wanna buy! Swing by Aurora outlets as follows: Gurney Plaza, Penang ( GRD FLR, K13 IN FRONT OF PARKSON ) Queensbay Mall, Penang ( GRD FLR K6 , IN FRONT OF TGI FRIDAY ) Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur ( GRD FLR 0304, IN FRONT OF ZARA )

Or go to Aurora website to purchase: http://www.auroraitalia.net/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/auroraitalia.net/

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