Aurora Italia: Tell your story with gold, glittering bangle/bracelet

by Sweetiecyndy

There’s always a random hype that come from nowhere, unknowingly seep into our life. Just like the hype since years ago, the viral, personalized and customized bangle/bracelet concept that you can mix and match all kinds of charms and make it into different exquisite themes. The hype still continues till now. And yes, Pandora is a very good example, being known by the public, however, I can’t jump into the bandwagon. It is not plainly it is just that I don’t think 925 silver bangle/bracelet and charms worth that much. Additionally, it is not like gold that can keep its value. Silver, on the other hand, turns black easily. Even though the price of 14k gold bangle/bracelet of the aforementioned brand is equally high, its quality is just average. This is the reason that doesn’t prompt me to do any impulse buying.

Recently, Aurora Italia, an Italian fashionable jewelry brand that just launched in 2017. Aurora Italia’s bangle/bracelet concept is similar to X brand, it can customize a magical and dreamy theme with personal preference. Aurora Italia uses 18k gold quality so its bangles and bracelets are more valuable comparatively. Shimmering under lights and glittering luxury could not be resisted by every lady to create her ideal temperament and improve personal charisma.

What is Aurora?

It is known to all that the capital of Italy, Rome, always creates all sorts of alluring legend. The story behind the name, Aurora, is extraordinarily fanciful. Legend has it, Aurora is a gorgeous goddess a.k.a. Goddess of the dawn, flying towards the blue sky, announcing the coming of dawn to the earth every single morning. This has described perfectly the meaning of Aurora in Greek which is the first streak of light during the day called Polar/Northern Light.

The 18k gold bangle/bracelet is perfectly representing the story behind the name, Aurora, in real life.

Every charm on the gold bangle/bracelet signifies different connotation. Combine all charms that you fond of and make it into a series of personal story. In fact, you can have a guess on what type of personality and his/her preference from the charms he/she is wearing. Charms’ design would also change and renew with time.

Valentine’s Day is coming! Guys, still bothered on what to give to your loved one? Guys, now is a great timing to grab this chance and her hands to measure the size of her wrist, send her this surprise. Ladies would feel touched by your gesture.

Not only for ladies, guys can wear it as well.

One coupled bangle/bracelet, document the romantic story of two.


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